The Fierce Wife Episode 13 Synopsis with Preview and Recap Videos

The Fierce Wife Episode 13

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Even more appalling than the extramarital affair, is cheating! (比外遇更可惡的,是欺騙!)


An Zhen already knew the truth that Rui Fan has extramarital affair, in order to save Rui Fan, she chose to forgive and forget, pretending as if nothing had happened. As the result, the calm state caused Rui Fan did not feel anything abnormal. At the same time, the tenth anniversary of Rui Fan and An Zhen marriage is coming soon, and for the occasion, Wen’s father is planning to privately give a special “gift of love”.

Wei En is on leave for many days, and does not turn up for work even until the day of Rui Fan and An Zhen wedding anniversary. Rui Fan is worried, but can only suppress the impulse to make a phone call to Wei En.

Ah Tang and Qi Qi went to visit Wei En who did not go to work for several days, and found that she is sick at home. They send her to hospital immediately. Sicken Wei En is in tension, kept murmuring: Do not call brother in law.

To celebrate the wedding anniversary, An Zhen prepared a table of delicious food, as whole family gathers together. Rui Fan just arrived at the door of the home when he suddenly received a call from Ah Tang, who told him the news of Wei En been hospitalized. Even though the whole family is waiting for him back home just inside the door, Rui Fan still decide to turn around to leave. Everybody waited in vain for Rui Fan, and An Zhen is especially sad. In the tense situation within the family, Wen’s father is angry until have heart attack, and is emergency rushed to hospital.

When An Zhen knew that Rui Fan didn’t go home because he was with Wei En, all the traces of past affair starting to emerge in An Zhen’s mind like a slide show, scene by scene, An Zhen who is really angry is almost out of control.

The next day, Wei En recovered and went to work, the furious An Zhen walked to Wei En, raised her hand, exhausted whole body strength, and slapped Wei En’s face publicly.

Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Memory – Recap of episode 13 at beginning of episode 14

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