The Fierce Wife Episode 14

Episode Title

May be I am not so a failure (也許我並不是那麼失敗)


Wei En decided to go back to US secretly, choose to leave without notifying Rui Fan once again. At this time, Rui Fan received an anonymous SMS text message that informed Wei En flight time. Rui Fan who now knew the news drove fanatically to the airport, intercepting the taxi which Wei En is in forcefully.

Meanwhile, Ai Lin bribed Zhi Zhi and asked her to monitor Rui Fan’s every action silently.

An Zhen tries her best to maintain apparent peace, so that Meng Meng can have a family that looks like happy. But how long can an illusion of happy family last?

Rui Fan requests to An Zhen to divorce, An Zhen is heart-breaking, and rejects the proposal.

An Zhen managed to get a rich wife as customer, her thoughtful personality helps An Zhen to sell her first ever car! An Zhen regain confident in herself, and also have a new understanding: “May be, sweet moments, I can go create myself!”

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