The Fierce Wife Episode 15

Episode Title

Right now I am not even comparable to a cat (現在的我,不如一隻貓)


An Lin secretly spreads the infidelity love affair of Rui Fan and Wei En. The entire company is gossiping on the affair, heavily damaging the good man image of Rui Fan, and his career is at stake.

Wei En find out that it’s the secret tactic of Ai Lin, so she grabs a major secret of Ai Ling to counter, officially declare war on Ai Lin!

Ai Lin met with accident when going on test drive with customer, rushed to hospital emergency, Rui Xuan and Kang De cannot contact Rui Fan, and feel anxious. Rui Fan who is unaware of the accident was accompanying Wei En the whole night.

After knowing An Zhen had accident, Tian Wei rushed to hospital instantly, but he found out that An Zhen was calling for Rui Fan in her dream. Tian Wei felt pity for An Zhen. When An Zhen slowly woke up, she didn’t see Rui Fan, but saw Tian Wei, who didn’t sleep for whole night to take care of her.

After dawn, Rui Fan finally learned the news of An Zhen’s accident, and rushed to hospital. Facing the caring of Rui Fan which was much delayed, An Zhen could not help but felt sad and shed tears. Unexpectedly, Rui Fan bring together a decision that makes An Zhen collapse.

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The Fierce Wife breaks viewership rating to the top with some preview of episode 15

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