The Fierce Wife Episode 16

Episode Title

When accident, don’t be afraid (當意外來臨,不要怕)


After knowing An Zhen met with accident, Rui Fan rushed to hospital. An Zhen who is lying on bed saw the divorce agreement brought by Rui Fan, the heart turned cold. Rui Fan forced An Zhen to sign, An Zhen knew that it’s impossible to change Rui Fan’s decision, sign with grief.

Tian Wei goes back to the bedside, found that An Zhen is not in the ward, but there is a signed divorce agreement. Tian Wei was surprised and knew that something bad happened.

An Zhen who has driven to distraction back to home. Rui Xuan couple who knew what happened settled Meng Meng, so that An Zhen can rest for a while. During the period, An Zhen is not angry at all, Rui Xuan also finds ways but fails to let An Zhen picks herself up. So she decides to invite Tian Wei to persuade An Zhen.

Tian Wei comes to Wen’s house, saw appearance of An Zhen who willing to degenerate herself, is enraged. He scolded An Zhen, but still cannot cheer the frustrated An Zhen.

Xie’s mother comes to visit An Zhen, was surprised upon hearing the news of divorce. Xie’s mother told An Zhen her own condition, An Zhen feels bad for mom, but Xie’s mother told An Zhen optimistically: “Don’t be afraid! Win back Rui Fan! If can’t, then it’s your face to go on a new life.”

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