The Fierce Wife Episode 17

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What I want is you in a whole (我要的是完整的你)


In order to take back Rui Fan, Rui Xuan proposes an idea to find Tian Wei who is educated and smart to be adviser. They plan to use 1 month time to remake An Zhen into completely new perfect lady image!

The first step of the plan is to settle Meng Meng properly. An Zhen goes to find Rui Fan, asks him to take care of Meng Meng for one month, with the reason that she has to take care of her mother. An Zhen who has long time never see Rui Fan deliberately showing indifference attitude, and that makes Rui Fan heart feels complicated.

Tian Wei turned into a tough couch, and he designed a series stringent curriculum for An Zhen, with the aim to transform An Zhen who is weak. Facing the relentless teaching, although An Zhen improves a lot, but she still show her timid nature during critical timing, and that often makes Tian Wei furious. Looking at the figure of An Zhen who is practicing hard, Tian Wei unwittingly became emotional attached to An Zhen.

After the underground love relationship is exposed, Rui Fan was interviewed by Manager Zhuang. Manager Zhuang suggested very obviously that Rui Fan should know what is right or wrong, Rui Fan resigned in anger. After Wei En knows, she does not pity at all! When Rui Fan back to Wen’s house to take care of Meng Meng, Wei En decides to move back to Wen’s house.

After a series of transforming courses, An Zhen looks refreshingly new, change into elegant and confident lady. An Zhen contacts Rui Xuan, declares that “Anti-Terrorist Plan” is taking action! The first step is for Rui Xuan to invite Rui Fan and Wei En for dinner together.

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