The Fierce Wife Episode 18 Synopsis with Recap Videos and Photos

The Fierce Wife Episode 18

Episode Title

Don’t shed tears because of missing the sun (不要為了錯過太陽而流淚)


An Zhen who is now dressing elegantly, and talks politely and appropriately, emerged like a lady in front of Rui Fan, and she looks completely different from the past, Rui Fan was stunned. What makes Rui Fan care about is the man who accompany beside An Zhen and seemed to close with An Zhen – Lan Tian Wei. Wei En sharply noticed that Rui Fan is in low spirit, and felt uneasy. An Zhen’s plan to revenge, is officially started.

An Zhen back to Wen’s house, and get to know the news that Rui Fan is unemployed and Wei En moved in unauthorized. Although she was stunned, but she still pretend as if nothing happened, and continue to living under the same roof. Rui Fan is hardworking to find a job, and tells An Zhen that once he find a job, he will move out of the house. Wei En finds out that uncertain emotion between them, and is deeply concerned. Looking at the significant change of An Zhen, Wei En believes all this is the trick designed by Tian Wei.

An Zhen finally admitted to Wen’s parents about the divorce with Rui Fan, Wen’s parents are both surprised and upset. But An Zhen confidently tells them: This is not the ending yet.

An Zhen went to participate in company’s training, so during this period, Meng Meng is taken care by Rui Fan. While Rui Fan is on the phone, Wei En and Meng Meng is having conflict. Wei En angrily locked Meng Meng in the yard. Later when Rui Fan found the unconscious Meng Meng, he was anxious and angry. Rui Fan looked at Wei En with eyes of hatred which never appeared before, Wei En was shocked.

Preview Video

The Fierce Wife episode 18 flash back – recap at beginning of episode 19

Celebrating The Fierce Wife shoots to the top rating with preview of Wei En locking Meng Meng.

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