The Fierce Wife Episode 19 Synopsis Summary with Preview Videos

The Fierce Wife Episode 19

Episode Title

Fierce (Shrewd) is to be own self courageously (犀利就是勇敢做自己)


Rui Fan failed in his job interview everywhere. While he is frustrated, he met Ah Tang. Ah Tang new job is working to plan television program, and he is looking for a stylish girl who is pretty and good in cooking to show on the program. Ah Tang is bruised and battered for this case, but once Rui Fan heard it, he introduced An Zhen to him.

After the begging of Ah Tang, An Zhen finally agreed to help. On the day of recording, An Zhen go to the TV station to report, and unexpected meet Ai Lin.

An Zhen shows her good cooking skill on the gourmet program. The host casually asked about An Zhen marriage status, An Zhen cries upon hearing, cannot conceal the tears. After the host promises that it won’t be shown on TV, An Zhen cannot refrained from exposing her true feeling, telling words inside her heart. The one sentence of An Zhen: “Shrewd is to be own self courageously, don’t be afraid!” not only touched Ai Lin who is presence, and also moved audience in front of TV.

Wei En saw the An Zhen segment in the program, and is very not understanding on action of An Zhen, as she feels that An Zhen exposing a family scandal to outside world is to embarrass her and Rui Fan! Dissatisfied Wei En complained to Rui Fan, causing them to brawl! When Wei En goes back home, she found there is sneaky paparazzi reporters outside the Wen’s house, to inquire about news of An Zhen, Wei En actually told paparazzi misleading facts.

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The Fierce Wife Memory episode 19 recap

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