The Fierce Wife Episode 2 Synopsis (With Preview Trailer)

The Fierce Wife Episode 2

Episode Title

Pain! And happying! (痛!並快樂著!)


Wei En who temporarily stayed in Wen’s house brought a lot of fun, Meng Meng initially is quite hostile to Wei En, but the kind action by Wei En, let Meng Meng changed opinion about her, and increasingly liked the sister who loved her.

Rui Fan introduced Wei En to his company for interview, Wei En dressing, however let Rui Fan and Kang De surprised, who could not believed the beauty if Wei En! But the cheap market shoe prepared by An Zhen for Wei En, is out of tune with Wei En’s dressing, Kang De could not helped to stop laughing, and this is really the housewife style of An Zhen.

To compete for the post of vice president, tension rose between Rui Fan and Ai Lin. In view of Wei Fan’s exceptional performance, Ai Lin looks a little impatient. After knowing the relationship of Wei En and Rui Fan, she deliberately made life harder for Rui En during interview, Rui En refused to back down, left the office without hesitation. The unexpected move made Ai Lin furious.

The angry Wei En entered the elevator and kicked the shoe aside, the confident statement made by her left deep impression to Manager Zhuang who was beside. Manager Zhuang convince Ai Lin to employ Wei En, though Ai Lin is not wiling heartily, but she had to obey.

Rui Fan knew Wei En was bullied, deliberately lost her shoe, but had to help Wei En to buy a new pair of shoe. Facing Rui Fan who care about her, the lonely heart of Wei En flows through a little warmth.

Wei En lively personality, dazzling appearance, soon getting used to the new environment, and is particular popular among the male colleagues, Kevin who always proud of himself even declared, that Wei En is his type of girl! When Rui Fan watched, he was not happy, warned Wei En to keep a distance from guys in business department, Wei En felt aggrieved and teared. The sudden tears also made Rui Fan felt loss.

Ai Lin who was hostile to Rui Fan, attempted to chat with Wei En, to inquire what’s the weakness of Rui Fan. Wei En took the opportunity to revenge for Rui Fan, made fun of Ai Lin. When Wei En happily told Rui Fan the process how she was teasing Ai Lin, she was scolded by Rui Fan, Wei En was angry, suddenly grabbed the arm and bite fiercely, Rui Fan was shocked!

When washing, Rui Fan looked at the teeth marks on the arm, although stinging but don’t know how, the heart has trace of sweetness.

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