The Fierce Wife Episode 20 Synopsis Summary with Preview Trailers

The Fierce Wife Episode 20

Episode Title

I am my daughter’s shield! (我是我女兒的擋箭牌!)


Wei En encounter sneaky paparazzi reporter who is looking for gossip of An Zhen when going home, facing with reporter’s pry, Wei En gives misleading statement to the paparazzi.

The next day, An Zhen and Tian Wei are published on the cover of a gossip magazine, and the headline twisted the truth. Many reporters gather in front of the An Zhen’s house, waiting for An Zhen to come out to explain.

After hearing the news, Tian Wei together with Ai Lin managed to find the paparazzi reporter, and find out that the initiator of the event is Wei En! After knowing this, Ai Ling was angry, and she went to find Wei En to argue furiously.

Wen’s parents are also surrounded by many reporters. Getting knew the bad news of An Zhen is due to the act of Wei En, Wen’s father decides to give back An Zhen innocent! Wen’s father shows up in TV screen, tearfully speak for An Zhen, and also tell reporters that the real third party is Wei En.

The gossip incident finally ended, Ai Lin and Kang De couple go to An Zhen’s house to celebrate together. While everybody is chit chatting happily, Meng Meng suddenly screams shrilly, shocking everybody.

Preview Video

The Fierce Wife episode 20 flash back recap.

Celebrating The Fierce Wife tops viewership rating in Taiwan with sneak preview of Tian Wei saying sorry to An Zhen.

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