The Fierce Wife Episode 21 Synopsis Summary with Preview Trailers

The Fierce Wife Episode 21

Episode Title

Do you still have feeling for him? (難道妳對他還有感情?)


Wei En’s spirit falls into a paranoid, she felt that she has completely lost to An Zhen, she decided to talk clearly with An Zhen. Wei En distorted thinking let An Zhen felt helpless but also pity. An Zhen told Wei En, there is no winner or loser for An Zhen or Wei En in this war, there is only the resistance of Rui Fan to himself. Both of them should not be the victim of the Rui Fan’s battle. After hearing the words, Wei En stunned.

An Zhen tells Tian Wei that she wants to go back to store to work, to go back to previous simple days. At the same time, An Zhen also requests Tian Wei to help introduced job to Rui Fan. Hearing such a request, Tian Wei is furious. He asked An Zhen agitatedly: Do you still have feeling for hi? Tian Wei unusual emotion outburst is not understood by An Zhen, who is bewildered.

Rui Fan falls into hardship as he cannot find a job, and owes a lot of credit card debt. After An Zhen discovered the bill, she cannot bear it, and secretly pay off all the credit card debt for Rui Fan. After knew by Rui Fan, he felt that he must return the money no matter what, so Rui Fan reluctantly makes a decision.

Wei En goes for an interview with the help of introduction by relative, and unexpectedly, the person is Tian Wei’s mother! Stunned Wei En gets to know that it’s Lan’s mother who specifically wants to find her, she is unhappy and wants to leave, but is stopped by Lan’s mother. Lan’s mother asked a question, which is firmly hooked to Wei En’s heart.

Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Prediction with preview for episode 21 broadcast at the end of episode 20

The Fierce Wife Memory with recap of episode 21 broadcast at the beginning of episode 22

Celebrating top viewership rating of The Fierce Wife with preview of episode 21.

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