The Fierce Wife Episode 22 Synopsis Summary

The Fierce Wife Episode 22

Episode Title

What you fall in love with is actually your fantasy (你愛上的只是你的幻想)


Just when Rui Fan turned angry as he cannot find Wei En anywhere, the phone is ringing, a call from Ai Lin. She invites Rui Fan to meet outside, she sincerely analyzing Rui Fan, and bringing a wake up call to Rui Fan.

Tian Wei spent quite an effort to locate the old car belonged to Wen family – Mi Bao – which was sold by Rui Fan, and he buys the car and gifts to An Zhen. Upon seeing Mi Bao, An Zhen is ecstatic. Seeing An Zhen smile, Tian Wei’s heart is in the ripples, and the mood change puzzled Tian Wei. Lan’s mother looks at the change of Tian Wei, and encourage Tian Wei that he should obey his own heart. Tian Wei sees the light, decides to bravely pursuit An Zhen.

Rui Fan understands that Wei En is his responsibility, so he intends to accept a new job in southern Taiwan, deciding to revive himself, and start a new life with Wei En. After receiving treatment by psychiatrist, Wei En fell into confusion. Anxious Wei En made a decison that shocked Rui Fan.

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