The Fierce Wife Episode 3 Synopsis (With Preview Videos)

The Fierce Wife Episode 3

Episode Title

Lie hidden inside believe (believe中間也藏著一個lie)


An Zhen really wanted to help husband Rui Fan to promote, host a grand family feast, in order to prepare every details, and heard that boss of Rui Fang Manager Zhuang, likes antiques very much, An Zhan plans, if they can put a tasteful ancient porcelain at home on the day, it sure will help in Rui Fan’s promotion.

After a thorough selection, An Zhen chose a fake green flower porcelain at an antique shop, she pulled Rui Xian excitedly to the shop to bargain, and while undecided on the price, suddenly another customer came in and bought the vase away! Dismay and enraged An Zhen tried to snatch the vase, took the vase over from the buyer named Tian Wei abruptly! After succeeding she rushed out of the door, accidentally fell down on the door, shattered the vase into pieces.

An Zhen came to an impressive building to hand the decoration items gifted by online friend of Wen’s father, and heard severely reprimand voice on insurance agent while leaving, she could not help but sympathize, at the same time she met Tian Wei, though he was the salesman that got scolded and lambasted, she sweep away the resentment towards him, console him, encourage him, Tian Wei was touched by An Zhen’s warmth and trueness, and willing to lend a fake green flower porcelain vase in personal possession, who knows the borrowing of the vase, let An Zhen got a priceless genuine antique!

The war to get the position of vice president is still fighting in the company, not been spared, Kang De was assigned by Ai Lin to border region, Wei En also been made things worse by Ai Lin. Having known by Rui Fan, he promised to attend the prize presentation ceremony to exchange for apologize by Ai Lin to Wei En, solving Wei En’s crisis. Wei En felt full of happiness for everything Rui Fan did for her, never before, she had enjoyed such a care and concern, the lover of brother-in-law in her heart, is no longer hide-able.

The Wen’s celebration party was very successful, towards Rui Fan image of good husband and happy family, Manager Zhuang expressed great appreciation! Especially when seeing ancient porcelain vase which worth millions, he was surprised by the Rui Fan’s vision and taste! The borrowed vase had such a precious value, made Rui Fan and An Zhen surprised! Manager Zhuan finally announced, about the candidate for new vice president position, the answer is startling!

After the last guest left, dejected Rui Fan went for a walk in the park, worried about the new challenges faced by him. Wei En silently approached Rui Fan, who took Rui Fan’s hand to play like a kid, but they’re unbalanced, carelessly, they kissed.

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