The Fierce Wife Episode 4 Synopsis (with Episode Trailer)

The Fierce Wife Episode 4

Episode Title

Can we really go back to the original? (我們真的可以回到原來那樣嗎?)


The image of accidental kissing with Rui En has been constantly disrupted Rui Fan’s thoughts. Notifying the inexplicable absent of Rui Fan, An Zhen thought it’s caused by request by Manager Zhuang for Rui Fan and Ai Lin to switch department during the dinner. Facing the gentleness of An Zhen, Rui Fan sensed a deep sense of guilt.

To thanks Tian Wei for loaning the antique vases, An Zhen had to bit the bullet and treat him. Facing an innocent An Zhen, Tian had an idea to want to play the stupid woman, so he brings her to a high class fine-dining restaurant. The price of every dish in the restaurant is shockingly expensive, which makes the frugal An Zhen staring, cannot decide after a long time! Meanwhile Tian Wei, observing this, smiled in heart! An Zhen didn’t know that she had been used as entertainment by Tian Wei, but while they interacted, the good and optimistic character of An Zhen also slowly change the bias perception towards women.

In the company, Rui Fan and Ai Lin is busy with confusing work of transferring department. Wei En understands that the fight for vice president position is a do or die battle for Rui Fan! Wei En decided to help Rui Fan, and she dated Kevin in order to learn the unknown secrets of Ai Lin, which to be used a weapon to let Rui Fan wins.

Late at night, Wei En still not going home. Rui Fan rolled over and over again beside the sleeping An Zhen, unable to sleep. Rui Fan drove out to find Wei En, but saw Wei En and Kevin close together to left the bar, took a taxi to leave. Seeing the scene, Rui Fan is angry, and becomes jealous, and left angrily.

The next day, Wei En tells Rui Fan a big secret she managed to get. Now Rui Fan only realized that Wei En didn’t come home yesterday for him. The pureness and goodness of Wei En let Rui Fan pity her, and could not help to brace her.

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