The Fierce Wife Episode 5 Synopsis and Videos

The Fierce Wife Episode 5

Episode Title

Three person relationship, is simply too crowded… (三個人的關係,實在太擁擠了…)


In the company, Rui Fan deliberately keeps a distance from Wei En, making Wei San very sad and have to go to pub to drink, where she was irritated by a boring guy, and finally being kicked out of the pub after reacted angrily. The Wei En who is feeling depressed walks aimlessly in the raining night, even knowing that it’s impossible, but still count not help and calls Rui Fan.

Rui Fan found the wet Wei En in the rain. Facing the fragile Wei En, the intellect of Rui Fan broke down, both of them knew, that this relationship can no longer goes back to starting point. Wei En does not want the out of control feeling to cause more harm, so she cries and wants Rui Fan to promise that he will never abandon sister. An Zhen who is unaware of everything, still taking care of both people who is wet attentively. Rui Fan holds An Zhen, feeling guilty, even though he knows he cannot sorry to An Zhen, but he really cannot let go the hand of Wei En.

The first day Ai Lin and Rui Fan change department, Ai Lin immediately shows who is the boss to staff. She overthrows all planning idea of Rui Fan and asks everybody to resubmit, prompting complaints from the crowd. Rui Fan went to business department, but found that Ai Lin already sending sales persons to outside, so Rui Fan who just took over the business department facing a dilemma where he has no staff to use.

Kang De who has to work overtime due to Ai Lin unexpectedly found the intimate interaction between Rui Fan and Wei Fan when came home late! Kang De earnestly try to restrain Rui Fan: “You don’t know how to play, and you can’t afford to play too! If you cannot be promoted as vice president because of this woman, I will despise you in my whole life!” The remark let Rui Fan falls into struggling abyss.

The Manager Zhang of the Motor company invites Tian Wei to feast, but Tian Wei sees a familiar face in the restaurant – Wen Rui Fan. And the woman close by besides him is obviously not An Zhen. Tian Wei who worried about An Zhen, made up a reason to invite An Zhen to dinner. Out of curiosity, Rui Xuan follows by. Tian Wei deliberately mentions casually about the incident saw Rui Fan in the restaurant, An Zhen recalls that it’s the place when Rui Fan proposed to her. Rui Xuan’s face sank after hearing this.

After returning home, Rui Xuan quickly find out the Rui Fan’s school yearbook, and inside contains the intimate photo of Rui Fan and Ai Lin when young! Ai Lin is the heartless ex-girlfriend who dumped Rui Fan. Rui Xuan can not help but start to worry, so she warns An Zhen to be careful with Ai Lin, and she always go to walk around the company to declare sovereignty!

Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Memory – Refresh shown at the beginning of episode 6

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