The Fierce Wife Episode 6 Synopsis with Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Episode 6

Episode Title

Life is sweet? The future is also sweet? (生活是甜的?未來也是甜的?)


After reminded by hunting expert Rui Xuan, An Zhen has been alerted to Ai Lin, and decides to go to Rui Fan’s company for demonstration. An Zhen cannot find Rui Fan and thought that Rui Fan is going to Chinese food with Ai Lin, and so she observes the enemy situation, but was caught red-handed by Ai Lin.

At night, Meng Meng wants An Zhen to say a bedtime story, but An Zhen is not free, so Wei En volunteered to help. Facing Rui Fan and lovely Meng Meng, with the help of bedtime story atmosphere, Wei En has an illusion of happy family! She looked as sleeping Rui Fan and Meng Meng, a possessive urge swarmed the heart.

The Rui Fan’s recent weird behavior made An Zhen suspicious, as everyone is in line with symptom of extramarital affair said by Rui Xuan. Even though An Zhen feels anxiety, she continue to use the words of her mother to encourage herself: Life is sweet, future is alsosweet, must believe Rui Fan!

Rui Fan accepts Wei En proposal to bring An Zhen for second honeymoon! The romance that never came after marriage, An Zhen was surprised.

On weekend, Rui Fan and An Zhen go for enjoyable trip, Wei En at home, watched the two people left.

As time went on, and cannot contact Rui Fan, Wei En’s suspicion and jealousy are gradually expanded.

Wei En cannot stand the suffering and secretly go to a hot springs hotel, and unexpectedly meet Tian Wei.

Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Memory – Flash back at the start of episode 7

Photo Gallery (Episode 6 Drama Scene Capture)






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  1. Krizia Maranan★ Avatar

    Whats the relationship of Tian Wei and Wei En ? Are they ex lovers or she liked him too much?

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