The Fierce Wife Episode 7 Synopsis with Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Episode 7

Episode Title

A piece of paper, can protect my marriage (一張紙,能保護我的婚姻)


Wei En unable to contact Rui Fan who goes on second honeymoon, uncontrollably goes to hot springs hotel to find out what happen, but coincidentally meet Tian Wei! Both of them was shocked, how is Wei En going to face the person who used to hurt her deepest?

At night, Rui Fan holds An Zhen, but his mind is actually had Wei En image. Rui Fan was suffering, face such a himself, Rui Fan can no longer ignore his own guilt towards An Zhen. After arriving home, An Zhen receives a sudden surprise. She is startled, is Rui Xuan’s prediction coming true?

An uneasy An Zhen have nowhere to turn for help, so she has to visit altar temple and fortune teller. Tian Wei observes from the side, feel that it’s funny. An Zhen quickly clarifies that she is just helping friend to ask, and it’s not happening on herself. Seeing the lame response by An Zhen, Tian Wei tries to let An Zhen put down her guard, and finally found clues.

Ai Lin makes use of the reason to help Rui Fan, and arrange to travel together with Rui Fan. Although An Zhen says want to believe Rui Fan, but her heard is very worried, and Wei En heart is equaled disturbed and complex.

While entertainment, Rui Fan could not bear the Ai Lin who was already drunk, comes forward to drink for her. The intimate act by Rui Fan causes Ai Lin to remember the past sweet memories with Rui Fan.

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