The Fierce Wife Episode 8

Episode Title

Been human, is a step backward as way forward. Marriage, is a step backward and nobody be found (做人,是退一步海闊天空 婚姻,是退一步人去樓空!)


The drunken Ai Lin picked up the call to Rui Fan’s phone. An Zhen and Wei En on the other side of the call was very shocked, and thought is the old relationship of Rui Fan and Ai Lin has came back? The worried An Zhen and Wei En didn’t receive a call back from Rui Fan, and both spent a tough long night.

The next day, when Rui Fan backed to home, An Zhen is full of anger, but she have not even asked yet, Wei En already taken the lead to ask Rui Fan in an outburst. Feel guilty when facing An Zhen and feel furious because of been misunderstood when facing Wei En, how should Wei Fan respond to them?

An Zhen finds Tian Wei for a talk, admitted that Rui Fan has extramarital affair, and the third party is He Ai Lin. Looking at direction-less An Zhen, Tian Wei does not know what comforting word to say, only suggests that “marriage, is a step backward and everything is empty.” Hearing the sentence, An Zhen decides to defend her own marriage and family.

An Zhen finds Ai Lin to argue, but Ai Lin’s momentum is too much for An Zhen to handle! Tian Wei silently follows An Zhen, after hearing their arguments, found that two women’s dialogues are simply irrelevant.

Rui feel agony because of quarreling with An Zhen and Wei En separately, and together with dire warnings from Kang De, Rui Fan finally made a decision. One late night, Rui Fan invites Wei En to meet outside, plea to her to move from the house.

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