The Fierce Wife Episode 9 Synopsis with Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Episode 9

Episode Title

The former you, I not familiar with (從前的你,我不熟)


The two family of Rui Fan and Kang De back to home, An Zhen found a letter on shoe cabinet, which tells that Wei En has moved out of the house to stay on her own. The quiet leaving of Wei En left the crowd stunned, and Rui Fan is especially angry. At this time, An Zhen accidentally revealed that she had gone to find Ai Lin to argue, causing Rui Fan to be more unsatisfying mood, and he is angered with An Zhen. The unprecedented heated argument scares everybody, and An Zhen is even frightened.

Wei En deliberately keeps a distance from Rui Fan, causing Rui Fan’s dissatisfaction, who forcefully want Wei En to clear the matter. Wei En shouted to Rui Fan: “I can without you for half a year, then I can without you forever!” The heated quarrel was seen by the Ai Lin who passed by.

At night, Rui Fan quarrels with An Zhen for the sake of dinner! Rui Fan at the moment finally says the truth, that An Zhen has never understood the former him. Facing the completely unknown Rui fan, tears burst.

To under the former self of Rui Fan, Rui Xuan encouraged An Zhen to find the only Rui Fan’s old friend known to her – He Ai Lin. An Zhen sincely plea to Puzzled Ai Lin to tell her the young life of Wen Rui Fan. After hearing the story, An Zhen is shocked, the person described by Ai Lin, is it really the Rui Fan she knew?

After seeing the reaction of An Zhen, Ai Ling could not help but ask her: “Whole life live for husband, for family, in the end what you Xie An Zhen really want?”

The remark of Ai Ling hit An Zhen hard, let An Zhen does a major decision.

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