The Fierce Wife Final Episode 23 Synopsis Summary

The Fierce Wife Episode 23 (Final Episode)

Episode Title

Are we no longer able to return? (我們再也回不去了嗎?)


Wei En who has new understanding leaves Rui Fan. Before she goes back to America, Wei En finds An Zhen, sincerely apologize to An Zhen, and return a meaningful gift to An Zhen, praying that will get An Zhen forgiveness.

Rui Fan accepted new job at southern Taiwan. When about to leave home, Meng Meng cried hoping Rui Fan does not go. Rui Fan holds back tears, accepts fingerprint family picture done by Meng Meng. The memories of happy family constantly flash back in Rui Fan’s mind.

Tian Wei confesses to An Zhen once again, sincerely says out his deep love. Facing the love from Tian Wei, An Zhen understand that she cannot escape anymore.

Rui Fan tells An Zhen the guilt he felt all along, and said that the ten years of marriage is his happiest ten years, and he would prefer to use all his life to exchange back that ordinary day. An Zhen tearfully gazes at Rui Fan, and decides.

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