The movie version of The Fierce Wife drama series, tentatively named as The Fierce Wife Grand Finale, will feature bed scene.

The Fierce Wife the movie is scheduled to start filming by year end, but what the show is going to sell on the big silver screen? The producer Wang Pei Hua revealed, “There is bed scene at the begin of movie, Xie An Zhen is pursuing sexual happiness after divorce.” The producer also hopes original casts can perform in the movie, and thus she wants Amanda Zhu to return and report at the team immediately after laboring.

Lead Actor Actress of The Fierce Wife During Premiere

Meanwhile the relationship between Sonia Sui and ex-boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao seems to be re-warming up. Yao Yuan Hao has declared that he is willing to act in The Fierce Wife Grand Finale if approached, while Sonia Sui said she is not afraid, smiled and said welcome. Producer Wang Pei Hua expressed she will consider. She did not deny that the broke up of the silver screen couple may be due to press speculation about the drama, “perhaps what lose in small screen, you can get it back on the big screen.”