There are many versions of drama trailer for The Fierce Wife TV series, as it’s broadcasting in more than one TV channel, which also acts as TV commercial ads to promote The Fierce Wife. Many of the trailers have specific theme which highlights unique aspect of the drama.

Official The Fierce Wife Trailer

Impression Trailer – Why husband is not afraid at all.

3 things a wife most feared.

Official SETTV Trailer- If want to defend love, don’t be weak!

Have to do other work on Friday

Office Impression Trailer: What is a wife?

The broadcast of The Fierce Wife spanned across Christmas holiday season. In the video clip, actors and actresses of The Fierce Wife wishing everybody a Merry Christmas.

Sonia Sui and Chris Wang wishing Happy Valentine’s Day.

At the end of March, when the success of The Fierce Wife is already certain, SET TV re-broadcast the drama from the beginning again. Here’s the cast-specific video trailers that promote the showing of drama.

Promotion by producer Wang Pei Hua.

Promotion by Sonia Sui

Promotion by Patrick Li

Promotion by Wen Sheng Hao

Promotion by Chris Wang

Fancy to view The Fierce Wife drama in whole in less than 5 minutes? The production team of The Fierce Wife has prepared a compressed version of The Fierce Wife MV which contains highlights from all episodes, nicely accompanied with one of the most popular The Fierce Wife theme songs – Hope (指望). The MV was released as ending part of The Fierce Wife Behind The Scene Turbo version.