Kim Ha Yeon

The Mighty Gift Characters Description

Introduction and description for characters in The Mighty Gift / The Great Gift:

Kim Ha Yun (played by Han Ji Hye)

Kim Ha Yeon

Becomes a teacher after graduating from university. She is a visually impaired who was born with congenital glaucoma disease and had underwent surgery for several times.

Studied in secondary school for the blind, and always never missed to be the top in school. To go to university, she gets a guide dog, Sun (태양). During her enrollment in a top university, she got scholarship for her whole 4 years in the university, and graduated as a top student. Later, she passed the employment exam and was assigned as an English teacher in a junior high school in Seoul.

Initially she is a passive person, and usually is lonely. Her family suffered because of her. She accepted the fact that she is visually impaired, she does not appear sad, self-pity and give up on herself. Because of the guide dog characteristics, she has also opened up her mind and heart and has gained many friends. She is hanging on together with the guide dog.

Gu Woo Lam (played by Kim Dong Wook)

Gu Wu Lam

Is a troublemaker in school, but later passed the test to be a policeman. Have a daughter who is going to school. Contrary to Ha Yeon, he is honest and straight forward in his feeling. His top priority currently is to have a relationship. Appearance looks like he is a individualism, but he is honest. But he never obeys the traffic light! Have been helping Ha Yeon when she lost her guide dog in subway with the status of police officer to find the guide dog. Ha Yeon has been teacher of Woo Lam’s daughter, Seung Li, and they meet again to discuss the parenting issue.

Gu Seung Li (played by Cheon Yeong-min)

Daughter of Gu Woo Lam. Call the father who she dislikes as uncle.

Hang Yeong-eun (played by Choi Ha-na)

Work in hairdresser salon near university of Woo Lam’s working place. Older than Woo Lam, but likes him.





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