Synopsis Summary for Episode 15 of The Moon Embracing the Sun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun / The Sun and the Moon)

Title: Once again, two suns, two moons

Yeon Woo who regains all her memories encounters Seol, asking her the detailed situation when she received the divination rite. Yeon Woo repeatedly thinks back of events 8 years ago, is choking with sobs. But she determines not to act rashly.

Woon orders the armies that are guarding the private residence of Yang Myung to retreat. He attempts to catch Yang Myung who is heading to infirmary care house, but he is not hardhearted enough to block Yang Myung who looks dreariness.

At the same time, Hwon instructs Hong Kyu Tae to investigate and report what’s exactly happening on the night of crown princess fallen sick and collapsed.

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Wol decides to take revenger after recovering her memory.

Wol returns to infirmary care house and takes care of the poor. Yang Myung who is released from captivity goes to the infirmary to find Wol. Wol who regained her memory recognizes Yang Myung. Both of them lives in the infirmary to take care of the poor.

On the other hand, in order to check on how’s Wol doing, Hwon secretly sneaks into the infirmary, but what he is looking at is Wol and Yang Myung working together happily and sweetly.

The jealousy of Hwon rose, ultimately Hwon summons Wol to come back to the palace.

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