The MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun has entering its final countdown with 2 more episodes to go. The plot that is full of suspense has made a lot of viewers can’t wait to watch the final episode immediately, while feeling pity at the impending end of the drama series.

For audience who likes spoiler, here’s the possible summary text preview for The Moon that Embraces the Sun episode 20, the final episode of the TV series, which is expected to stage a grand happy ending. The summary is based on the novel of the same name which the drama series is adapted from. Note that the story plot of the drama series may or may not be followed exactly by the novel, so just read for entertainment purpose.

The Moon Embracing the Sun Final Episode 20 Spoiler Preview

After completing the royal wedding ceremony, Lee Hwon and Yeon Woo spend a great sweet and romantic time.

In the end, Heo Yeom does not become court official, and he is focused on educating his son, Heo Ui.

Three years later, there is petition that crown prince should attend the lecture at Sigangwon (royal education). Out of consideration to let crown prince has a dependable force to assist when he ascends to the throne in future, Lee Hwon decides to let the son of Heo Yeom, Heo Ui, to enter the palace and be the reading partner of crown prince.

The 4-year-old Heo Ui does not cry even when falls down, earning the liking of crown prince.

Princess Min Hwa who is released from the status of state slave is lurking outside Yeom’s house in shabby state. She is discovered by Yeom and both persons have a reunion. Although Yeon cannot forgives the sin commuted by the princess, but he still hugs tightly the princess out of deep love for the princess.

Yeon Woo who is still sleeping in the queen’s chamber is pregnant again.