Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 11

In order to solve the investment capital problem of Fox of Cheongdam-dong musical, Jae Yi signs on to the music production contract, and later meets with person in charge whom he is going to cooperate with, PD An Sung Ah. Jae Yi feels that she looks familiar, PD An Sung Ah asks him if he still remember her. In fact, she is junior female schoolmate of Jae Yi. Eun Bi catches the sight of Jae Yi and PD An Sung Ah in front of Jae Yi’s house, and rides the bicycle away embarrassedly and goes straight home.

Eun Bi calls to Jae Yi and Sa Bok Ja as she is having high fever, but both of them does not pick up the call.

On the other hand, Eun Bi will go to the studio earlier everyday to clean the mirror, but today she is not coming. Yoo Jin is worried about her, and Ra Kyung is looking at Yoo Jin from the side. Yoo Jin goes to Eun Bi home as he is worried of her, and saves Eun Bi just in time.

Ra Kyung knows perfectly well that Yoo Jin does not love her, but still persistently reject the love of Joon Hyuk.

Sung Ah understands very well the interest of Jae Yi, and Jae Yi is having affection to Sung Ah too. Sung Ah takes initiative to confess her love to Jae Yi.

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