The Musical Episode 13 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 13

Joon Hyuk invites Jo Sung Woo to star in the musical, it turns out that Goo Jak used to help Joon Hyuk before Jo Sung Woo is famous.

Yoo Jin asks president why he lied to him, president answered that responsibility to the corporate is more important than family.

Yoo Jin is angry after knowing reason his parents moved to Daegu. He who worn out begs Eun Bi to stay by his side, and the scene is seen by Ra Kyung and Jae Yi by chance. On the other hand, Sung Ah attempts to kiss Jae Yi.

After the accident, Yoo Jin’s mother suddenly wakes up and recognizes Yoo Jin. Doctor thinks that she may be returning to consciousness before death. Yoo Jin’s mother tells Yoo Jin to find a person he liked to marry, Yoo Jin joyfully agreed.

Yoo Jin’s mother passed away, Yoo Jin first tells Eun Bi, while Ra Kyung has to know the news from Jae Yi.

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