Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 14

In order to maintain the last self-esteem, Ra Kyung requests to break up with Yoo Jin. Joon Hyuk silently accompanies at the side of Ra Kyung to console her.

Eun Bi and Jae Yi confirms their hearts to each other.

Eun Bi decides to grab the opportunity that all the while waiting for her, but is troubled by the request of Goo Jak. Goo Jak wants Eun Bi to participate in the public showing of Fox of Cheongdam-dong musical on the weekend, but at this time Kang Hee also proposes to let Eun Bi replaces her as heroine during the weekend’s rehearsal.

Jae Yi rejects the help of Kang Hee. In order to return to musical scene, Jae Yi would rather lose money in order to terminate the contract with record label company. Sung Ah fails to stop him.

As the judge of public performance, Kang Hee sees the appearance of Eun Bi on stage. She angrily accuses Eun Bi to have a foot in two camp, and threaten to block Eun Bi.

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