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The Musical Episode 2 Synopsis Summary with Preview Videos

Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 2

Jae Yi wants Eun Bi to sing according to her experience while he is playing the piano. Eun Bi sings the story of the meeting with Jae Yi a year ago. Hearing the song, Jae Yi remembers the incident on Han River side. Jay Yi manages to recognize Eun Bi. Eun Bi apologizes sincerely to Jae Yi for the pejorative words that she said, labeling him as drunken ghost a year ago on the riverside.

Jae Yi asks why she likes musical. Eun Bi says there is no reason, she just likes it, and she believes Jay Yi is loving musical too, because every time after hearing his songs she will always feel that the composer must be deeply loving musical. Jae Yi is stunned with the memory of Eun Bi who can remembers the score after looking at it for just one time. And she recounts how much she loves musical, and says hoping to be like Bae Kang Hee, but Jae Yi says no, it supposed to be let Bae Kang Hee likes you. Jae Yi develops a good impression and crush on Eun Bi who has a genuine passion on musical.

When Sa Bok Ja wakes up, she says she is the one who should be in the current place of Eun Bi.

Jae Yi goes to find Sang Won to ask for his help to include Eun Bi into his list of artist, and to hold an audition for her. When Jay Yi about to leave, Sang Won asks if the person is a male or female. Jae Yi answered embarrassingly, and Sang Won smiles knowingly, and told the incident to Kang Hee at night, who found it interesting.

The sudden suggestion of Jae Yi for audition surprised Eun Bi. Eun Bi skill is still not sufficiently strong. In order to nurture and develop Eun Bi’s strength, Jae Yi decides to personally teach Eun Bi musical.

Jae Yi starts the special training for Eun Bi. On the forth day of training, which is also the day before audition, Eun Bin finally manages to successfully sing the high-pitch treble, and everybody is happy for it. Jae Yi reminds Eun Bi that she must rest well, and don’t even talk much. But Eun Bi is eager to bring the best of herself out, she keeps practicing after went home, and finally breaks her voice.

Eun Bi’s parents go to Daegu hometown to visit grandmother. At night, Eun Bi’s father looks at the photo of Yoo Jin, and tells Eun Bi’s mother that he is sorry to Yoo Jin as he sent him to a dangerous place, taken the place of them and mired in the war of money, couldn’t help himself.

In the audition, Eun Bi sings badly. She asks for another chance, but is denied. She feels very discouraged while on the bus. Kang Hee witnessed the whole process of failure of Eun Bi’s audition, and later goes to find Jae Yi. Jae Yi opens the door, greeting Eun Bi, but surprisingly it’s Bae Kang Hee who appears, who gives him a kiss. She persuades Jae Yi to return to musical, and expresses that she hopes to introduce investor Yoo Jin to him, asks him to attend the appointment at night. At this time, Eun Bi feels losing herself while on the way to Jae Yi’s home. Upon reaching Jae Yi’ house, she knows Bae Kang Hee is inside after seeing her car and the script. Then, Eun Bi sees the intimacy between Kang Hee and Jae Yi.

At night, Jae Yi, Kang Hee and Yoo Jin meet, and Kang Hee introduces Jae Yee to Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin is belittling Jae Yi as he does not believe in the strength of local composer, and does not have intention to invest in creative musical. Jae Yi mocks him as the person who only knows money.

Eun Bi is asked by father to go back to Daegu hometown. Her father is forcing her to return to school, but Eun Bi wants to stick to her dream, and says mother will understand her because mother is also a person who likes singing.

Jae Yi agrees to compose for Goo Jak, with two condition – cannot use the name of Hong Jae Yi, and has to recommend a new actor in the musical (Eun Bi). Goo Jak asks the same question which used to ask previously, that maintain anonymous is it because of Bae Kang Hee. Jae Yi says no, just that he feels doing like this is more interesting.

Jae Yi gets to know the situation of Eun Bi from Bok Ja, and he takes train to Daegu to find her straight away. He tells her that he can understand what has happened, and then her sound is pure, so only song which highlight her voice will show her skills, and also hope that she can insist on musical. He says, “If you don’t do musical, then I will not too, decision is made by you.” Eun Bi asks him why he does so, Jae Yi says he has long time never experienced the feeling or mood of her so loved musical.

At home, Eun Bi tries to convince her father, but unsuccessful. Jae Yi is waiting for her at train station, but have no alternative but to board the returning train. On the other hand, Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin is discussing about work. Yoo Jin notices that Ra Kyung is hungry, and bring her to dinner, as he knows she will nervous when hungry.

On the way to dinner, Yoo Jin kisses Ra Kyung. On Daegu, Jae Yi holds a little hope and looks for Eun Bi on the train, and see Eun Bi is inside the carriage. Eun Bi says it’s grandmother let her go, so that she won’t regret. Jae Yi happily leans forward and kisser her, though Eun Bi covers her mouth, Jae Yi kisses anyway onto her hand.

The Musical Episode 2 Preview Trailer

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The next episode preview shown after the end of The Musical episode 1.

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