Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 4

Hong Jae Yi refuses to participate in the production of musical, and Yoo Jin indicates that he can accept whatever conditions he wants. But Jae Yi says that his prerequisites will definitely unacceptable to Yoo Jin, and rejects him. Yoo Jin tells Eun Bi that he would like Eun Bi to act in “Fox of Cheongdam-dong” musical play. Eun Bi is unsure that it’s due to gratitude or sincerity, and feels confused and puzzled. In fact, Yoo Jin suggests that Kang Hee and Eun Bi can perform on stage together, as not only it can get rid of rumor between Kang Hee and Jae Yi, but also allows the musical group to have a work that attracts attention.

Ra Kyung goes to visit Yoo Jin’s parents and accidentally discovers the sickness of Yoo Jin’s mother. On the other hand, after straighten out his thinking on the reason of turn down by Jae Yi, Yoo Jin goes to find Eun Bi, questioning her if she is the kind of people that lack of strength, but stars in lead position relying on relationship with composer. Eun Bi rejects the invitation by Yoo Jin, and proposes that she wins her seat of performing with Kang Hee through competition. After the fierce preliminary selection, Eun Bi manages to be shortlisted to final stage. In the final, Eun Bi performs in unexpected way.

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Highlights of Episode 4 – Eun Bi’s audition

Highlights of Episode 4 – Kang Hee’s husband

Highlights of Episode 4 – Yoo Jin and Eun Bi

Highlights of Episode 4 – Accusation

Highlights of Episode 4 – Eun Bi and Yoo Jin

Highlights of Episode 4 – Jae Yi’s training

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