Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 5

Looking at Yoo Jin who congratulates her, Eun Bi feels unbelievable. Eun Bi who managed to pass the audition is celebrating with group members of Goo Jak, and Jae Yi is joining them too. The celebration party continues until midnight. Jae Yi’s eyesight is always inseparable from Eun Bi, and that causes Eun Bi very confused. Later Jae Yi gives Eun Bi a sincere congratulatory hug. Kang Hee is attending company event together with others, and shows extra care for Eun Bi. This makes everybody surprise. Jae Yi questions Kang Hee what is her intention.

On the other hand, Kang He appears at the working group of the “Fox of Cheongdam-dong” musical. After putting down her luggage, she looks at the young people having fun, and looks at the scene of Eun Bi and Jae Yi together, she almost cannot control her own expression in front of Sang Won.

Eun Bi is partnering with Kang Bi to train, but feels tremendous pressure due to Kang Hee’s strong singing skill. Looking at such Eun Bi, Jae Yi is not satisfied.

Ra Kyung understands why Yoo Jin is treating coldly, and patiently explains and convinces her. Yoo Jin’s uncle wants to let his son Yoo Jae Joon to rise up, and is having a dispute with chairman. When everybody is playing games with fun, Ra Kyung who is photographing on the side is pushed inadvertently to the campfire, Eun Bi rushes to rescue her.

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