Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 6

Eun Bi rushes to Ra Kyun who fell into the campfire urgently, and quickly extinguishes the fire on her clothes, Yoo Jin who is frightened also rushes to her. Eun Bi on the one hand uses cold water for emergency treatment, on the another hand calms down Ra Kyung, then together with Yoo Jin send her to hospital’s emergency room. Jae Yi monitors Eun Bi from the side, watching her showing unusual calm and ability, and smiles.

After Eun Bi left, Kang Hee who wants proposes to Jae Yi to discuss about work in her room, Jae Yi walks to her room hesitatingly. On the other hand, Ra Kyun is receiving treatment at the emergency room, Eun Bi and Yoo Jin is talking outside, Yoo Jin is told about the past sad story about Eun Bi’s mother, and has a good impression on Eun Bi because of her sincerity and forthrightness. Yoo Jin tells her that the current situation is that he does not want to lose any better opportunity. Yoo Jin and Eun Bi talks in a friendly atmosphere, and Ra Kyung who saw it is envy.

Kang Hee wants to restore the relationship with Jae Yi, but he expresses that he does not want to get entangled with her anymore. Kang Hee reveals her relationship with Jae Yi to Eun Bi, and hopes that Eun Bi does not involve in their relationship, Eun Bi has no choice but to avoid Jae Yi’s confession. Representative Han contacts oversea investor, and wants to use another musical masterpiece to lure Kang Hee to give up performing in Fox of Cheongdam-dong.

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