Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 7

Yoo Jin asks Eun Bi, if Fox of Cheongdam-dong musical can no longer continue to proceed, how will she feel, Eun Bi is shocked. She answers that may be she will die. Eun Bi says until now she still cannot believe she is so lucky. Yoo Jin looks at her and smiles.

The illness of Yoo Jin’s mother is getting worse, but Yoo Jin’s father is hiding the fact from his son.

Jae Yi is falling in love with Eun Bi, and even Jak notice it, but Jak tells him that Eun Bi may have more feeling towards Yoo Jin. Joon Hyuk is especially care for Ra Kyung, Ra Kyung has good feeling for him too. After knowing Jae Yi and Eun Bi go to the zoo to observe foxes, Ra Kyung deliberately asks Yoo Jin to go long. Yoo Jin asks Ra Khyung if she ever regrets of in relationship with somebody, Ra Kyung makes clear her heart that only loves Yoo Jin.

On the other hand, Yoo Jin is irresolute because of problem with the The Count of Monty musical, Kang Hee goes to find him, telling him that Yoo Jin lately changed a lot, and warns him, the moment he knows his real heart, he will be even more confused. Kang Hee is using president to press Yoo Jin, and president has also thought that The Count of Monte Cristo musical is more suitable. Yoo Jin is making a decision that dealt a heavy blow to people in the musical group.

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