Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 8

After Eun Bi learned from Goo Jak that Yoo Jin plans to prioritize the musical which is imported, she walks to Jae Yi’s home at a loss. But Jae Yi is not at home, all lights is off and Jae Yi does not pick up the phone when Eun Bi calls him. Eun Bi can only wait for him at the hallway. Soon, Jae Yi who is drunk came back to house humming song, Eun Bi feels painful looking at him.

Yoo Jin sees through the selfish idea of representative Han, but he suppresses his angry and asks representative Han not to exploit him.

On the other hand, Yoo Jin asks Eun Bi to go to his office alone, and explains to her the problem about the delay of the musical. But Eun Bi does not understand care of Yoo Jin to her heart, and gets angry on him.

Ra Kyung is sad that the heart of Yoo Jin is no longer with her, and confesses her feeling to Yoo Jin.

In order to ensure that Fox of Cheongdam-dong musical can be on stage successfully, Yoo Jin has no choice but to find a medical company to invest. The company expresses that they’re willing to invest, but there is condition. Yoo Jae Joon is blurting out sarcastic remark again, but this time Yoo Jin rebuts him without hesitation.

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