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The Musical Episode 9 Synopsis Summary & Preview Trailer

Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 9

Kang Hee summons Eun Bi, and asks her until when she wants to be the shadow of Jae Yi. Kang Hee even offers her to become her reserve in Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, in order fo Eun Bi to leave Jae Yi. But Eun Ji rejects the proposal of Kang Hee.

Training starts again, and Eun Bi sings in front of Jesi. Jesi carefully observe Eun Bi, but is dissatisfied because Eun Bi is unknown rookie who perform in musical for the first time, and does not want to co-star with her. In the end Eun Bi said that if it’s her problem, she is willing to withdraw, and she withdraw painfully.

Joon Hyuk starts to pursue Ra Kyung. Ra Kyung feels unprecedented relax when together with him.

Jae Yi heard that Eun Bi is watching musical as she is depressed, when he goes to fetch her, he sees that Yoo Jin is together with Eun Bi.

After seeing that director cannot persuade Jesi to let her co-stars in the musical, Eun Bi accepts the suggestion of Kang Hee to be her reserve.

The Musical Episode 9 Preview Trailer






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