Synopsis Summary for The Musical Episode 15 (Final Episode)

The public performance of the Fox of Cheongdam-dong wins the top place, and Kang Hee furiously complains to president Yoo about the doing of Yoo Jin. President Yoo orders to transfer Yoo Jin back to the head office.

Yoo Jin finally submitted ​​his resignation letter to come to participate in the production of Fox of Cheongdam-dong. Ra Kyung accepts the courtship of Joon Hyuk, and helps him selecting the theater.

The tickets for whole week of Fox of Cheongdam-dong performance are sold out. Actors are highly anticipating towards the first premiere performance on the stage in front of full house crowd.

On the other hand, Kang Hee loses her vocal to atresia, she who suffers a serious blow wants to break up with Han Sang Won. Jae Yi and Eun Bi finally together after a series of obstacles.

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