Ku Hye Sun and Daniel Choi

The Musical Production Faces Headache Due to Long Delay

Production crews and actors of The Musical Korean drama is facing various problems due to the long duration of gap in shooting time. The filming of The Musical was actually started since July 2010, but the filming had been put on hold because of preparation issue by the TV station.

The filming restarts recently for the last few episodes of The Musical after the drama is confirmed to broadcast on SBS TV channel every Friday starting September 2, 2011. However, the preparation for the final shot causes headache for crews, actors and actresses after such as long delay.

Ku Hye Sun and Daniel Choi

A TV station personnel undauntedly says, “From the shooting time separated by a long gap point of view, to let actors and actresses to play the same role is a bit reluctant. For example, to add a scene in the same pisode, you have to find the sponsored clothes at that time.
Certain television-related personnel undaunted, said: apart from the long shooting time point of view, so that the actors perform the same role, is a bit reluctantly. For example you want to go to add the same set of scenes, you have to find the time sponsored clothes. In addition, Park Kyung-lim is now 5 months pregnant, and we can only delete the scenes that had been done previously.”

The Musical which has the theme of musical has attracted attention due to casting of Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, Ock Joo Hyun and Park Ki-Wong. Due to pregnancy of Park Hyung Lim, the storyline and script of The Musical has undergoing slight change. The drama is pre-shoot (filming has almost completed prior to airing), with filming is now on last 4 episodes. The drama series will have 16 episodes.

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