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The Musical Sold to Japan for 1.2 Million USD

The new SBS TV series starring Korean actress Ku Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, Ock Joo Hyun, and Park Ki Woong, The Musical, has been sold to a Japanese broadcast network even before the drama premiered on the airwave.

The drama producer File Book announced on September 1st that The Musical broadcast rights in Japan has bee sold for USD $1.2 million to a Japanese TV station. It’s expected that The Musical will be shown in Japan after the drama finishes its run in Korea.

The Musical has a total of 16 episodes, with a story plot which centers around Go Eun Bi (played by Goo Hye Sun) who is a medical student but dreams of becoming a musical actress. She is rejected for countless times due to lack of experience. She then meets Hong Jae (played by Daniel Choi), a genius musical composer, who decides to help and train Eunbi. Goo Hye Sun has been popular in Japan due to her prior work in “Boys Over Flowers”.

The Musical begins airing in Korea on September 2nd at 10 PM KST.

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  2. Lehan 1988 Avatar
    Lehan 1988

    I love this drama, the character, the story, the music…and I think 16 ep is too sort

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