The Oath Episode 1 to 5 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary and plot of The Oath drama series, from episode 1 to episode 5:

Episode 1

Doctor Minfei’s father is a Chinese physician. However, she loses her temper when her patient condition deteriorated after seeking Chinese treatment. Guo En is a promising medical student performed a complicated emergency surgery during an accident before his got his medical licence. As a result, he was expelled from medical school. He decided to follow in his father Zhixiong’s footsteps and become a Chinese physician.

Episode 2

Guo En bumped into his ex-girlfriend Zhiyi at Guangzhong’s and Yunwen’s wedding. It’s been 6 years and Zhiyi is now a successful lawyer. Zhiyi is reminded of their past relationship and their subsequent impetus break-up.

Episode 3

The groom turned unconscious during the wedding banquet. Guo En managed to save his life by performing CPR. Guangzhong is later diagnosed to have blockage in his blood vessels and needs further oberservation. However, he died suddenly, Yunwen faints from shock. She refused to eat and drink after she wakes up, Minfei slaps her hoping to wake her up!

Episode 4

Yunwen contemplates suicide, Guo En managed to save her. Minfei wants Yunwen to go for counselling but doesn’t trust Chinese treatment after what her own late mother went through.

Episode 5

Yunwen’s condition improved and Minfei is surprised that Guo En’s treatment works. However she becomes angry after discovering that Guo En lied to Yunwen that her late husband had an affair.

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