The Oath

The Oath Episode 11 to 15 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary and plot of The Oath drama series, from episode 11 to episode 15:

Episode 11

Guo En heard a loud bang while confessing his feelings to Minfei over the phone. He rushed to her house to discover that her car had crashed into the tree. Minfei is unhurt. A surprised Guo En kissed her. Zhiyi is very affected after seeing this clip on the net.

Episode 12

Minfei is worried that her mum death was a result of wrong diagnosis by her father. Guo En promised to help her find out the truth. He lured Professor Zheng away while Minfei access her computer to look for her mother case records. After 2 unsuccessful attempts at logging in, she suddenly remember Dewei telling her his English name.

Episode 13

Minfei received confirmation that her illness is terminal and falls into depression. Dewei consoles her and encourages her to go for treatment, Minfei however thinks its is useless to seek treatment as her condition is already terminal. Dewei is heartbroken when Minfei breaks down and he embraces her. Qingmei witness the entire scene.

Episode 14

Minfei decided to break up with Guo En as she doesn’t want him to feel upset. Dewei accompanies Minfei to the dance studio to pack her things. Seeing her reluctance at leaving the place, Dewei danced a last dance with Minfei. Guo En is enraged and rushed forward to hit Dewei, Minfei tells him off. Minfei is touched when Dewei promised to stay by her side forever.

Episode 15

Guo En takes Minfei’s pulse and realized she is very sick. Minfei decides to tell him the truth. Guo En is adamant on keeping her company but Minfei insists on being just friend. Guo En has no choice but to accept.





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