The Oath

The Oath Episode 16 to 20 (Finale) Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary and plot of The Oath drama series, from episode 16 to the final episode 20:

Episode 16

Guo En accompanies Minfei for treatment while Dewei tries to contact a professor based in Germany, in the hope of finding a treatment for her. Minfei develops side effects as a result of her chemo but continues to keep herself busy at work. Her patients lose trust in her after finding out about her condition.

Episode 17

Dewei is jealous and throws a fit after discovering that Minfei is taking Guo En’s Chinese medicine. Minfei informs Guo En about this. When Guo En feels that Dewei is biased against him, Minfei feels that Guo En is too sensitive. Dewei wants Minfei to go Germany with him to seek treatment, Minfei turns him down using her dad as an excuse. Dewei is jealous and angry with Guo En when he finds out that he and not her dad is the main reason why Minfei rejected him.

Episode 18

Jianzhong dies in a car accident, Siyun suspects Dewei is the mastermind behind the accident. Zhiyi warns Siyun that these are all conjectures and she has no evidence.

Episode 19

Yongtai tells Minfei that Dewei is the one responsible for Jianzhong’s death and has a witness to prove it. Minfei urgently contacted Zhiyi. Zhiyi rushed to the hospital only to discover that Yongtai has changed his mind and claimed that he was just joking.

Episode 20 (Final Episode)

Guo En wakes up but can only remember his parents and Zhiyi but not Minfei. Minfei decides to not to tell Guo En about their relationship so as not to upset him over her condition. Guo En past memories of dancing with someone flashes through his mind and he assumed the girl is Zhiyi. Will Guo En remember Minfei? Will Minfei be able to overcome her sickness?





3 responses to “The Oath Episode 16 to 20 (Finale) Synopsis Summary”

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  2. Michelle Avatar

    Guo En remembers Minfei because Zhiyi finally reveal to him the door leading to the dance room will tells Guo En what he needs to know about what happenned in the last 6 years since the dance near the river aint that perfect as he had last remembered…He ends up dancing with Minfei in the dancing room…. 3 years later… Minfei is seen working at the hospital still alive

  3. Garth foot Avatar
    Garth foot

    Hmmm more unnecessary drama which just complicates this show?
    Script writers seem to think by adding more and more drama into a show it becomes more interesting but I feel that’s wrong!!
    Allowing an ex girlfriend to stay in their home when he’s dating the doctor is ridiculous and highly unrealistic..
    Things like this added into a drama actually becomes comical to be honest.
    Realism helps make a show ..
    Loved seeing the Sights and sounds of Singapore 🇸🇬

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