The Oath Episode 6 to 10 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary and plot of The Oath drama series, from episode 6 to episode 10:

Episode 6

Zhiyi happily informed Guo En during their dinner that she has been assigned another medical legal case but she is not confident of winning it. Guo En encourages her. Zhiyi’s feelings for Guo En is re-kindled but she trys to suppress it. Zhiyi is representing Minfei, Guofei tried to get information about Minfei as he is concerned about her. Zhiyi refused to divulge.

Episode 7

Minfei is woken up by Guo En’s call and only realized that Guo En’s wants her to be a volunteer doctor upon reaching the community club. Both argue over differences in medical opinions. Zhiyi is unhappy after seeing Guo En making fun of Minfei.

Episode 8

Guo En refuse to learn dancing despite Minfei wanting to teach him. Instead he asked Minfei to cane herself. Tired, Minfei fell asleep and after she woke up, she discovered Guo En fell while learning to dance.

Episode 9

Guo En is hurt and hospitalized after rescuing Zhiyi. Minfei saw Zhiyi sleeping by Guo En side in the room. Zhiyi explained to Guo En that she spend the night over at the hospital as she suspects she is being followed by Zhixiong. Qingmei asked Zhiyi to move over to their place. Seeing Guo En has no objections, Zhiyi happily assumes Guo En is giving their relationship a second chance.

Episode 10

Guo En tells Minfei to attend a surprise date specially arranged for her. Minfei is excited as she assumes Guo En is taking the opportunity to confess his feelings for her. However, Guo En shows up with Lin Xi in the wheelchair. Minfei is disappointed when the surprise turns out to be Lin Xi.

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