The second episode of The Musical airing on September 9, 2011 has a total of three kiss scenes. In the drama, Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi, Ock Joo Hyun and Daniel Choi plus Ki Eun Se and Park Ki Woong kiss one after another.

In the episode 2 of The Musical, the relationship between the characters of Go Eun Bi (Gu Hye Sun), Hong Jae Yi (Daniel Choi), Bae Kang Hee (Ock Joo Hyun), Yoo Jin (Park Ki Woong), and Seo Ra Kyung (Ki End Se) has gradually became clear.

When the musical talent Hong Jae Yi intends to exit musical scene, and transform into popular music composer, his romantic relationship with Bae Kang Hee is exposed.

Bae Kang Hee goes to find Hong Jay Yi to discuss about the publicity fund for the musical, the sudden hot kiss caused Jae Yi stunned. Ock Joo Hyun displays her sexy femininity when kissing the lover, creating a delicate atmosphere.

Danie Choi Kiss Gu Hye Sun and Ock Joo Hyun

On the other hand, “tone deafness girl,” “runaway drunken female” Go Eun Bi ran into Jae Yi a year ago, although the meeting caused anxiety, but Jae Yi is having a crush on you due to her passion and determination the the musical.

Hong Jae Yi gives Eun Bi the exclusive solo song which never been made public, and give special guidance to her. Especially the sudden kiss of Jae Yi, though Eun Bi covers her mouth with hand, he still kiss onto the hand, suggesting that the love story will be officially started.

And lastly, Park Ki Woong and Ki Eun Se is a lover couple, and they kissed passionately.