Description and information of main characters in Vampire Prosecutor:

Min Tae Yeon (31 years old) – played by Yun Jung Hoon

Yun Jung Hoon

Is actually a vampire. Disguise as a prosecutor of central Seoul district attorney special crime investigation team. Determine via blood of the dead, and use sensitive feel and capabilities unique to vampire to solve various difficult cases.

When in orphan house, he was wrongly blamed, and was very sad until wants to commit suicide. After hurtful period, he is determined to put all bad guys behind jail. He believes that result is more important than process during investigation, and hence does not mind to act illegally.

Use dead’s blood to continue his life, but has strong desire on the blood of the livings, and as such in painful dilemma situation.

Yoo Jung In (28 years old) – played Lee Young Ah

Lee Young Ah

The female prosecutor of central Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s special crime investigation team who likes to help injustice. She has psychological trauma due to fighting her rough father.

She is smart, can quickly adapt to the search work, hot-tempered but cannot stand injustice. Is an optimist. Eventually fall in love with Min Tae Yun, and becomes lost after knowing the true vampire identity of Tae Yun.

Hwang Soon Bum (40+ years old) – played by Lee Won Jong

Lee Won Jong

A detective who volunteers to central Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s special crime investigation team in order to work with Tae Yeon. After he met with shameless criminal and lost her young daughter, he already plans to revenge together with Tae Yun.

Know Tae Yun has the body of vampire, but is not afraid, and helps Tae Yun to solve various cases. Sometimes he is like father, sometimes he is like a brother. The only person who believes and follows Tae Yun, and experts in forging documents and various search tricks.

Jang Chul Oh (40+ years old) – played by Jang Hyun Sung

Jang Hyun Sung

Chief prosecutor of central Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s office. Has a gentleman look but hides a secret face on the back. Also the teacher of Jung In.

Although he has righteous and gentlemanly personality, but sometimes he is a mysterious figure who is very hard to let others see through his inner heart. He holds the important key to solve many questions surrounding Tae Yun.