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Vampire Prosecutor

Drama Title: Vampire Prosecutor
Korean Title: 뱀파이어 검사
Romanization: Vampire Geumsa
Also Known As: Blood Thirsty Prosecutor
Chinese Title: 吸血鬼检察官
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2nd October 2011 – 18th December 2011
Language: Korean
Air time: Sunday 11:00 PM

Plot Summary / Synopsis

Vampire Prosecutor is a mystery investigative drama about a vampire.

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (played by Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten by someone and becomes a vampire. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he manages to survive by drinking the blood of dead people to continue living as a righteous prosecutor, while hiding his secret true identity from others.

Tae Yeon also uses his new founded abilities as a vampire to investigate crimes, root out society evils, and prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law.

A mysterious case occurs and the evidence points to a vampire as the perpetrator. Tae Yeon now knows that he is not the only Vampire. He also ponders why he became a vampire and what truths may lie behind their motives.


Yun Jung Hoon (연정훈) as Min Tae Yeon (민태연) – Prosecutor
Lee Young Ah (이영아) as Yoo Jung In (유정인) – Prosecutor
Lee Won Jong (이원종) as Hwang Soon Bum (황순범) – Detective
Jang Hyun Sung (장현성) as Jang Chul Oh (장철오) – Chief Prosecutor
Kim Joo Young
Gong Jung Hwan
Park Jae Hoon (박재훈)
Kim Ye Jin
Choi Yong Min
Song Min Jung (송민정) as Seo Ji Yeon (서지연) – Cameo
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) as Yoon Se Hwa – Cameo (ep. 8)

Vampire Prosecutor Cast Character Descriptions

Production Credits

Production Company : CMG Chorok Stars
Director : Kim Byung Soo (김병수)
Screenwriter : Yang Jin Ah (양진아), Han Jung Hoon (한정훈), Park Hyung Jin (박형진)
Martial Arts Director : Lee Hong Pyo (이홍표)
Production Cost : $3 Billion (KRW) / $2.5 Million (USD)

Episode Synopsis

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

Date Episode Nationwide Average (AGB Nielson) Ranking
2 October 2011 1 1.42 1
9 October 2011 2 2.33 1
16 October 2011 3 1.90 1
23 October 2011 4 2.09 1
30 October 2011 5 2.00 1
6 November 2011 6 2.59 1
13 November 2011 7 2.26 1
20 November 2011 8 2.95 1
27 November 2011 9 2.64 1
4 December 2011 10 3.16 1
11 December 2011 11 2.50 1
18 December 2011 12 3.34 1

Source: AGB Nielson

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Vampire Prosecutor OST Part 1 – Crazy Love
Vampire Prosecutor OST Part 1 – Don’t Cry (Feat. Rhino)


  • The “blood” prop used in Vampire Prosecutor is actually Bokbunja ju, a Korean food wine.

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