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Episode Title

Room with French doll (프랑스인형이 있는 방)


Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon became a vampire after a fishy traffic accident when pursuing a criminal. He feels agony for his situation, but in order to uncover the secret behind the traffic accident at that day, he uses the blood of the dead to maintain his life and lives as a just prosecutor. On crime scene, he uses his special capabilities as vampire to analyze the cause of the death. A case of murder by vampire happened in a nursery. There is two teeth marks left on an eight years old young girl in a nursery, who died of cardioplegia after blood loss. The case reminded Tae Yoon on what happened to him seven years ago. The newly appointed prosecutor Yoo Jung In is not happy been instructed by Min Tae Yeon. The public prosecutor office is in commotion over the public opinion over the vampire’s incident. But Tae Yeon knows that it’s not done by vampire because of his special ability, and discovers that the nursery where the girl was in has many strange places. He discovers that the health care doctor Yi Cheong Jik and adopter Ok Young Joo are main suspects. Tae Yeon sneaks into Ok Young Joo’s house to discover the truth of the case.

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