Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 10:

Episode Title

Marry (결혼)


In the filming scene of a famous reality show “Let’s Get Married” where participants looking for partners anonymously, a dead body of a woman with highest popularity is found before the final selection. Tae Yeon and others arrived at the scene to investigate and concludes that it’s a homicide murder that was disguised as suicide, and the real murderer is hidden around them.

Although in the standalone mountain villa that no one went in and out, other performers, PD and writer are highly suspicious. In addition, the relationship of victim with other participants was not harmonious, and thus everyone had the motive to kill her. But the cameras that are everywhere on the set show their alibi, making the case more complicated and confusing.

At the same time, a friend of Tae Yeon is locked up due to a murder case, Tae Yeon decides to help him to investigate the truth. Jae In goes to the murder scene again, she finds a suspicious person, and the appearance of the person made the complex case to gradually clear. The chilling truth behind the famous reality show is about to discover.

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