Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 11:

Episode Title

The Final (최종화 Part. 1)


One night, the long missing lawyer Yoon Ji Hee Hee appears with blood on whole body in a commercial center. She who suffers from mental disorder due to shock and cannot remember anything.

Tae Yeon knew from friend a new situation, and he rushes back to police station to question lawyer Yoon. But Tae Yeon does not get any useful hint from lawyer Yoon, and let the team stops the investigation. This made Jung In very dissatisfied. Jung In secretly investigates the disappearance case of lawyer Yoon, and at the same time Tae Yoon discovers a secret law firms.

After Min Tae Yeon discovers the trace of Park Hoon who turned him into a vampire in lawyer Yoon belongings, he pursues on his track.

On the other hand, Hwang Soon Bum starts to investigate the 10 car pileup accidents happened 7 years ago based on statement of Raul, and all the evidents point to the same person. The real image of people in black raincoat who specializes in hunting down the criminals who escape the legal punishment is the about to reveal.

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