Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 12:

Episode Title

The Final Part 2 (최종화 Part. 2)


Vampire commits crimes one after another, inspector Hwang hopes to prove that Tae Yeon is innocent, but Chul Oh believes that Tae Yeon is the murderer. Tae Yeon runs away after been wrongfully accused of serial killing. Chul Oh and groups receive the news that Tae Yeon has ran away, and Chul Oh decides to deploy special SWAT team to arrest Tae Yeon to justice.

Chul Oh discovers the position of Tae Yeon through GPS, but Jung In and detective Hwang decide to find him a step ahead. Detective Hwang meets with Tae Yeon as per appointment, and Tae Yeon is using trick to get rid of the tracking.

Tae Yeon is unfortunately been hit by the special force, but through the blood of the deceased, he finally reveals the object of black raincoat, which conceals the truth for a series of murders. The life and death struggle between black raincoat and vampire prosecutor which betting their life starts. And his younger sister who passed away for a long while is coming out again.

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