Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 2:

Episode Title

Death script (죽음의 시나리오)


Early morning, on the venue of filming set which is shooting an unsolved murder case, the dead body of director Cha Yoon Sei who originally planned to reveal the murderer through the movie is discovered in the pool. The blood incarnadined the pool water. The director was killed with the plot of movie that he is directed. Public opinion thinks that the top actress of Korea who is not in good term with him in movie club is prime suspect.

Tae Yeon drinks the blood of the dead, instinctively feels that the death of director is related to unsolved mystery. After investigation using his ability to back to the future to replay the details of case, he discovers that the real method of killing in the murder case is indeed the method wrote directly in the screenplay by director, unfolding before one’s eye the real evil at the shooting venue.

Tae Yeon hears the content of voice recorder of Yoon Sei, found that Yoon Sei and Young Sik are related to a prior murder case. Young Sik was killed after attacking inspector Jang. At this time, a man who said that he was the killer surrender himself.

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