Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 3:

Episode Title

Pug’s Memory Recall (발바리의 추억)


A female dead body which the head was brutally broken up is found at a friend’s living room. The clues that were left at the scene reminiscent of the sex crimes that happened continuously for the past few days. But further investigation discovers additional clues that show there is possibility of another murder case. Investigation team is thrown into chaos. The inspectors of the investigation team who narrow their disagreement start to investigate on their own individually.

After drinking the blood of victim, Tae Yeon discovers the special physical characteristics of a murderer. Tae Yeon continues to investigate through the clue, and at the same time sends Yoo Jung In to identify the weapon used in the crime. After repetitive test, Jung In determines that the weapon is a SLR. And a suspect has emerged, but at this time, a third case happened. The truth behind the gruesome sex crime are about to reveal.

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